Colo Colo and reinforcements: "We can’t spend what we don’t have"

Colo Colo has an excellent sporting moment, fighting for the 2021 National Championship and also for the Chile Cup, where he already has one foot in the final of the contest. Despite the high level of a rejuvenated squad full of home players, Gustavo Quinteros has insisted that he needs two reinforcements to complete the team and replace names that left.

Edmundo Valladares, president of the club, referred to these requests in conversation with La Tercera, where he assured that they work to please DT, but that they must be responsible for the delicate financial situation of the institution.

“The things that Gustavo has said we discussed with him previously. We have set ourselves the task of searching for possible reinforcements, but we have also been clear that we are going to be responsible.. We have to adjust to a complex economic situation not only for Colo Colo, but for all clubs worldwide. We are going to make the best efforts we can around players who come to contribute, because there is already a group that is consolidating, which is at a very high level and it fills us with pride that it is mostly from home. We have 16 players Sub 21 and 20 who are trained in Colo Colo “he explained.

When asked if looking for older players departs from that policy, he stated that “in Colo Colo there will always be a balance. We have a large number of trained players, a very low average age. Strengthening oneself in some positions with older and more expensive players, many could understand it as contradictory, but it does not mean that this is detrimental to a project. We are going to make any decision responsibly and we are not going to spend what we do not have “.

Gustavo Quinteros insists that he needs two more reinforcements. / PHOTO: Agencia Uno

He explained that, when making investments, you always have to take into account the club’s tax debt. “It was made when the concession contract was made and it is going to be even higher than when the bankruptcy was declared. That is why we are going to act with conviction and responsibility, because we are convinced that we cannot make historical mistakes again ”.

Quinteros Renovation

Edmundo Valladares expressed that they are delighted with the work of Gustavo Quinteros and did not hide his desire that he be able to extend his bond with the albos to project a process that is on the right track. He acknowledged that this idea is a constant conversation with the strategist who has already shown signs of wanting to continue.

“We are very happy with the work that Gustavo and his coaching staff are doing, we value it very much. There has been a very good, very fast progression. An undoubted sporting advance and in that sense we see it in a very good way (its renewal), we want to go step by step. The closest we have is the challenge of qualifying for the final of the Copa Chile and finishing the first round on top. We would like to project the work and there is an institutional intention to do so. We are in constant conversation ”, assured.

Finally, he only had words of gratitude for having helped the team overcome its worst football moment. “Gustavo won a special place in colocolina history. He is the coach who helped us overcome the most critical sporting moment that the institution has had. We managed to break out of a descent that would have been dramatic. There is a gratitude that will be maintained forever on the part of the colocolinos and colocolinas “, he concluded.

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