Colo Colo averaged 22.9 years in the team that advanced to the Copa Chile final

Colo Colo is experiencing one of the most peaceful moments in recent years. After leaving behind the 2020 season where he had to play the promotion match, to remain in the honor category of Chilean football, today he is the leader of the National Championship and will play the final of the Chile Cup.

El Cacique began the season with a total renovation of the squad where emblematic figures such as Esteban Paredes, Julio Barroso, Jorge Valdivia, Matías Fernández, among others, they ended their relationship with the club and had to seek new horizons. This renovation opened the way for the emergence of young figures who have gradually earned their space in the titular cast.

Jeyson rojas He was the first to win a shirt, already last season he earned his place in the team and during the first matches of the tournament he consolidated as a starter, until he left the team due to a muscle injury. Every youth who has added minutes has shown their skills and are fighting to earn a place among the headlines.

The second leg of the Copa Chile semi-final allowed the Albos to gain a wide advantage in the first leg, a situation that allowed to make modifications in the starting cast and present a fairly young cast that averaged 22.9 years among the players who entered from the first minute.

The Chief formed with: Brayan Cortés (26); Bruno Gutiérrez (19), Maximiliano Falcón (24), Daniel Gutiérrez (18), Gabriel Suazo (24); Bryan Soto (20), Cesar Fuentes (28), Ignacio Jara (24); Pablo Solari (20), Javier Parraguez (31) and Joan Cruz (18)

In the second stage they also saw action Vicente Pizarro (18) and Luciano Arriagada (19). At the Monumental they celebrate and trust that the youth of this team will allow them to reap good results in the short, medium and long term.

The youth of Colo Colo continue to add minutes.

No, you must bet on Arriagada

Yes, but an experienced one

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