Colo Colo begins "Solari operation" and will buy 50% of the pass

Whatever happens from now on, Pablo Solari will always be in the history of Colo Colo as the player who saved the Cacique from relegation, scoring one of the most shouted goals in recent times.

Today the Pibe is one of the most beloved footballers by the Colocolina fans and also one of the most important within the Colocolino squad, or at least that is how Gustavo Quinteros considers him.

With all the aforementioned, Blanco y Negro made the decision to purchase 50% of the Pablo Solari pass. This determination has already been notified to Talleres de Córdoba, the club that owns his pass.

It is worth mentioning that buying 50% of the Kid’s pass costs 750 thousand dollars to Blanco y Negro. That, if we convert it to Chilean money, is the sum of 592 million pesos, which is why “Operation Pablo Solari” has already begun.

Pablo Solari in Colo Colo

Blanco y Negro has to make enough cash to buy El Pibe and that is why the notification to the Argentine leadership is already in place, so the time that the alba directive has is between now and the end of the year.

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