Colo Colo celebrated to the rhythm of Marcianeke

An important victory was what he achieved Colo Colo at the El Teniente de Rancagua stadium at win 3-1 a University of Chile, thus extending his unbeaten streak against the classic rival to nine years and incidentally, he took a 10-point lead in the standings.

The team’s celebration took place on the field, dressing rooms and, as expected, on the bus back to the Monumental stadium where they were awaited with a spectacular reception from the fans.

And on the bus, the person in charge of putting the music was Javier Parraguez and Iván Morales, while he transmitted everything for the fans was Óscar Opazo.

The music? To the rhythm of Marcianeke the staff came singing and with a very particular theme, since in the chorus of the song Tell me Ma ‘the team added “I’m looking for an archrival.”

A dawn party on his way to Santiago and that lasted on his arrival at the Monumental with songs with the fans.

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