Colo Colo changes the chip to focus on the Chile Cup

The tough defeat against Cobresal must be in the past for Colo Colo, since now Gustavo Quinteros’ team has to change the chip for what is coming this week: the real possibility of winning the Chile Cup.

The Cacique will play this Wednesday the return of the semifinals of the traditional Creole competition, facing Unión Española from 7:00 p.m. at the Santa Laura with the first option to advance. The cast of Quinteros was left with the first leg at the Monumental by a wide 4-0 in favor.

If the albos manage to seal their way to the final, this will be played almost immediately, as it is scheduled to this Saturday, September 4 from 4:30 p.m. at the Fiscal Stadium in Talca.

On the other side of the table they will play the Same Wednesday, but from 4:30 p.m., Coquimbo Unido vs Everton at the Francisco Sánchez Rumoroso. Viñamarino’s side has the advantage after winning the first leg by winning 2-1 at Sausalito.

The challenge is important for the cast of Gustavo Quinteros, since if he manages to finish on Saturday lifting the trophy he will do so by obtaining the first group objective of the team in this 2021 season: to qualify for an international cup by being Chile 3 of Libertadores 2022.

Colo Colo won the first leg of the Copa Chile semifinals against the Hispanics 4-0 at the Monumental. | Photo: Guillermo Salazar.

Unfortunately the Chieftain will have to overcome these obstacles with a couple of less elements in the team. Iván Morales and Gabriel Costa will not be present in the squad as they are representing Chile and Peru respectively on this triple elimination date.

Good test of resilience the one that comes to the popular. The loss to Cobresal was regrettable, but You have to know how to get up so as not to lose focus or all the work gained in this 2021 season.

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