Colo Colo closed on a round Wednesday

A round day was the one that closed Colo Colo this Wednesday, September 8, since two important and valuable triumphs were achieved by both male campus As the female roster.

The first joy was given by the albos, who in a great match beat O’Higgins 3-2 at the El Teniente de Rancagua stadium, thanks to the goals of Pablo Solari, Javier Parraguez and Leonardo Gil.

With the triumph, the team of Gustavo Quinteros placeholder image, was the exclusive leader of the National Championship with 37 points, taking three ahead of his guard, Audax Italiano, who lost to Universidad Católica on date 20.

Now the squad will focus on what will be the next game where they will face Everton on Tuesday, September 14 at the Monumental stadium.

The second joy came hours later from the Monumental stadium, where the albs achieved an important victory over Santiago Morning 2-1.

Those led by Luis Mena surpassed the bohemian ones with the conquests of Javiera Grez and a great goal from María José Urrutia, to add three points, but most importantly, confidence for the remainder of the tournament, as the albas once again beat their classic rival after five games.

The albas celebrated in the Monumental. (Photo: Colo Colo)

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