Colo Colo could play the Superclásico without youth

One of the big questions that the coach has Gustavo Quinteros placeholder image to form the titular team of Colo Colo for the Superclásico 190 it is the youth issue. The creative flyer Joan Cruz and the containment, Vicente Pizarro he was not considered 11th in the last game.

Thinking about what will be this Sunday’s game against Universidad de Chile in Rancagua, the The technician would be seriously thinking about jumping onto the pitch at the El Teniente stadium without Under-20 players in the starting lineup.

Colo Colo has no problems with the timing and will comply with them without inconvenience with the minutes requested by the ANFP for the tournament and for this reason, Quinteros can be given the “license” not to include youth in the starting team, but he will have them. as alternatives to compromise.

One of the main reasons for leaving Pizarro and Cruz on the bench is that for both it would be their first Superclásico and given the importance of the commitment for the DT, he would opt for more experienced players in his replacement.

That is how César Fuentes appears as the replacement for Pizarro and Gabriel Costa He would enter instead of Cruz, changes that Quinteros made against Everton and that gave him results.

There are still two training sessions left to define the starting lineup for Sunday’s game, but the coach is already beginning to give his first clues.

Yes, but there is a lot of tournament left

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