Colo Colo does not add reinforcements with the closing of the pass book

When everything seemed like Facundo Ferreyra had a ready pre-agreement with Colo Colo to finally become the Chieftain’s reinforcement, the situation was completely turned upside down and it was determined that the player will not come to the popular table due to personal decisions, complicating the instance of adding reinforcements.

This, As a result of the fact that this Friday at 6:00 p.m. the pass book closed and there are no more deadlines for the registration of players who can participate in the second semester of the National Championship that has already started, and that has the Cacique fighting for the leadership of Chilean soccer.

A moment that undoubtedly annoyed the fans of the popular cast, and why not say it, to Gustavo Quinteros placeholder image, who has been asking for reinforcements for months after the departure of some players in positions that he had not considered reinforcing.

Colo Colo closes a very poor transfer market in this month of September that culminates without adding reinforcements to face this second semester of the championship, also maintaining a base of what the white box had been shown despite the fact that it lost some players.

However, there were several names that emerged during this market, but due to different circumstances in the negotiations, they were not finalized. How are the cases of Marcelo Moreno Martins, Fabian Orellana, Diogo de Oliveira, among other names.

This implies that the Cacique will have to fight for the championship with what is currently available, with the claw that the youth has shown in each of the games that have led the Albo team to fight for the leadership of the tournament.

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