Colo-Colo eSports champion in the Latam League 11v11 of PES 2021!

Carrying the name of Colo Colo to leave it at the top is an obligation and so understood in the eSports team of the Cacique, who shouted champion in the Latam League 11v11 of Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

The tournament featured 96 teams distributed between Chile, Argentina and Peru, who held an unprecedented contest with a prize of one thousand dollars to distribute.

El Cacique had a record of 9 wins and one loss to win the crown. In the group stage they finished in the first position with 15 points after beating Old School from Argentina (1-0 and 1-0 win), La Mafia eSports from Peru (5-0 and 1-0 win) and Deportivo Municipal eSports of Peru (victory 1-0 and fall 0-2).

Already in the playoffs the albos prevailed in 16th final 2-1 over PES Forever from Argentina, while in the second round they beat Audax Italiano eSports 3-0.

In the quarterfinals the rival on duty was Double Touch of Argentina, against whom they triumphed 3-2, turning a real match. In the semifinal, Titanes were left on the road, to define the best of the continent against Pesanonymous in the 11 against 11 modality of PES 2021.

The boys from Colo Colo eSports left the name of the club at the top and with goals from Gustavo Miranda they gave the Cacique the first international title. Congratulations albos!

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