Colo Colo exceeded the 2020 score

There are just 21 dates of the National Championship and Colo Colo already exceeded the number of points he had added in the previous season where he had to deal with the game with permanence, being the coach Gustavo Quinteros placeholder image the great person in charge of this moment for the good performance that alba has had in banking.

With the victory against Everton, the Cacique reached 40 points, being the undisputed leader of the tournament and incidentally, surpassed the score of 2020.

Colo Colo finished the last tournament with 39 units, a far cry from the title fight. Is that the problems that occurred after the pandemic began to undermine the confidence of the team and little by little it began to be relegated to secondary positions.

However, all changes for the 2021 season, where he rejuvenated the squad and with incredible confidence, he established himself as the games went by and chained a streak of 15 games without losing.

The good game of Colo Colo led him to win the Chile Cup and now he is the leader of the National Championship with five points of advantage over their guards and most importantly, being a team that prevails over rivals with hierarchy and very good defensive and offensive play.

The team’s confidence is high and now they are focused on what will be the final part of the tournament where they seek to lower the 33 star.

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