Colo Colo fans made a monumental harangue prior to the Chile Cup

Colo Colo He trained this Friday morning in his last practice before starting his trip to the city of Talca. There, in the Fiscal Stadium of Talca, where the Rangers team is local, the grand final of the Chile Cup will be played where the dawns will be measured before Everton from Viña del Mar.

The Cacique team received during this day the enormous support and encouragement of their fans before making the trip to the Maule region. Thousands of fans came to the Pedrero venue to deliver all the positive energies for tomorrow’s engagement.

The players recorded these moments on their cell phones, which they took advantage of by sharing with their followers on digital platforms. Oscar Opazo and Pablo Solari, they were stunned again with the affection that the colocolina partiality shows.

The voice of one of the players is even heard in the background, where he is amazed by the breath of the Cacique’s fans. “How beautiful, it is wonderful”, highlight the white soccer players who recorded this moment.

Colo Colo is already heading to Talca to face Everton de Viña del Mar in Fiscal stadium, duel that is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. in the final of the Chile Cup.

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