Colo Colo fans sang happy birthday to Daniel Morón

This afternoon Colo Colo will seek to continue as the exclusive leader of the tournament and is measured against Ñublense at the Monumental stadium, in a match valid for the twenty-third day of the 2021 National Championship.

In the run-up to this meeting, the president of the club, Edmundo Valladares and the sports manager Daniel Morón, spoke with the media in the hall of the Macul enclosure and the fans took advantage of the occasion for a beautiful celebration.

This because the champion goalkeeper of America he is turning 62 years old and the fanatic alba did not hesitate to show their affection and sang happy birthday to the historic goalkeeper of the Eternal Champion.

Morón, happy about the situation, was very grateful. Happy birthday, Daniel, to celebrate with a triumph!

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