Colo Colo Fem vs Fernandez Vial | Schedule, who broadcasts and where to watch LIVE on TV and ONLINE the Women’s National Championship

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The Albas will have a tough stumbling block in the return leg of the women’s tournament after the Copa América break.

Colo Colo Feminine returns to the courts
© colo coloColo Colo Feminine returns to the courts

Colo Colo Feminine will have a complicated encounter this weekend. In the second leg of the Women’s National Championship they will face Fernández Vial, fourth in the standings, only behind the three great dominators of the competition: Santiago Morning, Colo Colo and University of Chile.

It will be the first game in a month and a half for the alba women’s branchproduct of the stoppage that the tournament suffered due to Chile’s participation in the Copa América held in Colombia. The last game played was against Puerto Montt, on date 13. That June 19 the match ended 3-0 in favor of the Albas.

Of course, several of the players will arrive with the rhythm of competition for playing the final instances of the Under 19 National Championship. Players like Anais Cifuentes or Margarita Collinaofor example, who have permanently participated in the first team.

Up front, Colo Colo will have a difficult rival. Fernandez Vial It has grown a lot in recent years in the women’s branch and tries to shorten distances with the so-called big three. He has 23 points in the campaign, product of seven wins, two draws and three losses in 12 games played.

Day and time: When do Colo Colo Feminine vs Fernández Vial play?

Colo Colo Women vs Fernandez Vial They play this Sunday, August 7 at 11:00 a.m.

Television: On which channel to watch Colo Colo Feminine vs. Fernández Vial live on TV?

The match will be broadcast on DirecTVin one of the following channels:

DirecTV Sports:

DirecTV Sports: 610 (SD) – 1610 (HD)
DirecTV Sports: 611 (SD)
DirecTV Sports 2: 612 (SD) – 1612 (HD)
DirecTV Sports +: 613 (SD) – 1613 (HD)

Online: Who broadcasts live streaming Colo Colo Feminine vs Fernández Vial?

To watch the meeting live by streaming you can do it at DirecTV GO.

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