Colo Colo Femenino is excited with the public in the stadiums

Anais Cifuentes, youth of Colo Colo Femenino and who today is in the first team with Luis Mena, was in charge of speaking with the media at a press conference.

The young player addressed various issues, including the return of the fan to the stadium, the Multi-champion’s way of working, the squad as such, football issues, among other things. Check out his statements here:

“I think it’s great, since any player likes that there are public and people cheering, it would be a pleasure if we can have fans supporting us and watching us.

We are doing quite well, we have been working quite hard and the teachers are training us in a good way to face the championship and everything that comes our way. We are super well prepared for everyone.

Colo Colo is a super large institution we have everything to travel, in each training we do not lack anything, I think there are quite a few differences between Colo Colo and other clubs since in other places for women’s football there are not so many resources.

Today’s conference

We have been preparing in a very good way, the teacher Lucho is teaching us the weaknesses and strengths of the clubs to arrive better prepared for the matches, we are training our opponents very well to be able to face them in the best way. “

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