Colo Colo Femenino will go against UC in the quarterfinals

This Sunday the regular phase of the National Championship in women’s football. Instance by which the box of Colo Colo Female closed this part of the tournament with a five-goal win to zero over Deportes La Serena in the fourth region of the country.

Santiago Morning had pressure to face their commitment this day where they faced Fernández Vial and ended up giving up points, although they finished in the first position of the championship with the same number of points as Colo Colo, but with a greater number of goals. in favor.

The product of this situation is that the pairs of the quarterfinals in the playoffs that the Chilean women’s championship has in soccer were defined. The albas will be measured against their similar from Universidad Católica, which will have round-trip matches in this key.

The first leg is scheduled for the weekend of September 25-26 and will take place at the San Carlos de Apoquindo Stadium, where the albas will seek to strike the first blow that will allow them to reach the return match with ease.

And it is that this duel back in the quarterfinal key will be played on the weekend of October 2-3, with a schedule to be confirmed and that the headquarters will have the Monumental Stadium as a sports venue to host this match, looking for the championship semifinals.

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