Colo Colo gets four wins in a row with the arc at zero

Without a doubt, the great soccer moment of Colo Colo has everyone happy. Gustavo Quinteros trotted out a renewed team and with several players trained at home, which gives him an extra bonus.

Yesterday the Cacique got his number 14 without knowing of losses, the sixth game with consecutive wins and the fourth game of victories in a row with the goal at zero. Right here we want to emphasize.

2-0 against Curicó Unido, 1-0 against Unión Española, 4-0 against Unión Española and 2-0 against Deportes Antofagasta, are the games that have Gustavo Quinteros matching records of recent years.

The friends of Datos no mitos on Twitter told that since 2017 that Colo Colo did not get four consecutive wins with the goal at zero. The last to do so was Pablo Guede.

The defensive duo of Colo Colo

The Argentine, who today is without a club, achieved it with a 3-0 against San Luis de Quillota, a 1-0 against Universidad Católica, a 2-0 with Santiago Wanderers and a 3-0 against Audax Italiano.

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