“Colo Colo has returned to play so that they respect him”

Colo Colo finished the first half of the season as the winter champion after completing the first round of the 2021 National Championship, this after being Pointer with 33 units after the victory against Deportes Antofagasta in the Monumental Stadium.

One who analyzed this good present of the Cacique was Gonzalo Fouillioux, a journalist who in TNT Sports stated that “We reached the middle of the championship, the first round is over, and the surprising leader – considering everything that happened in the previous season – is Colo Colo. The famous winter champion, as they call him in Europe ”.

“Colo Colo will not have any awards, he does not go to the Copa Libertadores nor does he claim to be champion, but I think he has a very special symbolism for a team that had to live with everything that happened in 2020, fighting relegation”, Agregó Fouillioux.

In that sense, the commenter argued that “Today’s reality is very different: a team that wins, that is a leader, that has a foot and a half in the final of the Chile Cup, with a lot of young players on the field. Players are leaving due to injury, others enter and the team continues to function ”.

“This winter tournament for Colo Colo has a very special symbolism, because Colo Colo has returned to play to be respected, and is the leader of the first half of the tournament”, concluded.

The Cacique’s next duel will be a visit to Unión La Calera this Wednesday, August 25, starting at 4:30 p.m., where he will have a good opportunity to stretch his lead in the lead and escape from the cement plants.

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