Colo Colo invites construction workers to the Monumental

The match between Colo Colo and Unión Española for the Copa Chile semifinals will be remembered as the day the public returned to the Monumental after a long and painful pandemic. However, when those attending the Macul redoubt seemed the main protagonists, a flag unfurled from a neighboring construction, along with more than a dozen construction workers witnessing the game, moved all the colocolinos even more.

The image quickly went viral. Even the fans began to quote the value of the apartments, with a privileged view of the La Ruca field, and the workers became the protagonists of notes and interviews by the media.

Precisely, amid the expectation of the press, one of the workers delivered words to the journalist Luis Marambio Torres, from Channel 13, when the president of the Cacique appeared with a great surprise: a Colo Colo shirt and tickets for the workers.

“Guillermo Díaz, fiercer, is the fan of the flag of the building that is built behind the Monumental. When I was talking to T13, the president of Colo Colo, Edmundo Valladares, arrived, gave him a t-shirt and invited him and his colleagues to tomorrow’s match with Antofagasta “, the journalist announced.

The nice gesture of Colo Colo with the workers | Photo: Capture

In this way, construction workers will be privileged witnesses to the encounter between Colo Colo and Antofagasta to be played this Saturday at the Monumental Stadium.

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