“Colo Colo is carrying the flags of our football”

Colo Colo responded in the best way possible in the return of the Albos fans to the Monumental Stadium after 525 days, beating the Unión Española 4-0 and taking a very important step to the final of the Chile Cup.

One who analyzed what this triumph of the Cacique was was Johnny Herrera, who in his capacity as a commentator on TNT Sports stated that “For me he was always a candidate. From the first matches I saw what his coach wanted to project, the seriousness with which he worked. The conditions their players had, especially from the middle up ”.

In that sense, the emblem of the University of Chile, half jokingly and half seriously, launched that “I’m not saying unfortunately, because now I work here (laughs), but Colo Colo is the team that is carrying the flags of our football, and if there is no catastrophe or something important that happens, it is the team that will reach the final against Everton I think ”.

“And most likely, he will end up being the champion. So it is the consequence of a job well done. Therefore, nothing to say, just congratulate the people who created this ”, Herrera concluded.

El Cacique will now return to action for the 2021 National Championship, hosting Sports Antofagasta at the Monumental Stadium this Saturday, August 21 from 4:30 p.m. by date 17 of the tournament.

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