Colo Colo is consecrated as the brand new "Winter Champion"

Colo Colo closed a great participation in the first phase of the 2021 National Championship with a 2-0 victory over Deportes Antofagasta, which resulted in being the exclusive leader of the tournament, waiting for the result of Unión La Calera and Universidad de Chile .

That scoreboard arrived today and was “favorable” for Colo Colo, since the university team beat Caleranos 4-1, a result that definitely leaves Cacique as the leader at the end of the first phase in the absence of a match .

“Winter Champions” is the concept that is given to the clubs that are leaders of a long championship when it is halfway through, as is the case of Colo Colo with the end of Date 17.

What did this first part of the 2021 National Championship leave behind? The team led by Gustavo Quinteros was the leader with 33 units, 10 wins, 3 wins and 3 losses. El Cacique is the institution that has won the most.

A somewhat “doubtful” start that had draws and defeats in the first games, but with a different trend than what we were used to with the 2020 season, there was more football, alternatives and physicality.

This Colo Colo today has everyone happy and it is even difficult to determine who is the great figure of this first wheel. On the one hand, there is the scorer Iván Morales, who is in his best moment. There is also Gabriel Costa, who appears every time it is necessary in the white goals.

Colo Colo is the exclusive leader

Leonardo Gil is not far behind with his experience in the midfield, having to fulfill in different sectors. Emiliano Amor, who came to start and still does not know the word defeat in 14 games.

The appearances of Vicente Pizarro, Joan Cruz, Daniel Gutiérrez, Jeyson Rojas, Bryan Soto and Luciano Arriagada, who show that our Semillero Albo is the best in the country.

In short, a semester full of joys that culminated in a “winter championship” for Colo Colo, yes, there is a lot to do because there are very hectic weeks between the National Championship and the Chile Cup. Let’s go Colo Colo!

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