Colo Colo is fighting for the title with the point guard who was saved from relegation!

There are only happy days in Colo Colo after being crowned champion of the Chile Cup 2021 and also for being the exclusive leader of the National Championship with 40 units, five more than its two pursuers: Catholic University and Union La Calera.

After the victory against Everton by 2 to 0 and after 20 disputed matches, those led by Gustavo Quinteros surpassed all the points obtained in the previous catastrophic tournament (39).

Contest where the Cacique was very complicated until the last moment with the relegation and they had to go play history in a definition match against the University of Concepción, which was won by the Popular with a score by Pablo Solari.

However, in this 2021 season, the albos lifted the Chile Cup and are fighting the national tournament with the same base of players who managed to keep the Eternal Champion in the first division of Creole football.

Except for a couple of reinforcements and the emergence of a series of trained at home, the base has been maintained. For example, in the promotion duel, the albos formed with Brayan Cortés; Jeyson Rojas, Felipe Campos, Maximiliano Falcón and Gabriel Suazo; Carlos Carmona, César Fuentes e Ignacio Jara; Brayan Véjar, Javier Parraguez and Pablo Solari.

Of those eleven players, eight of them have seen action this season and five of these are immovable in the eleven dawns; Cuts, Falcon, Suazo, Sources and Solar. One who was key last year and also in this one is Gabriel Costa, who did not play against the university students due to injury.

Another that did not leave the ownership was Rojas, who was injured and had to give place to Óscar Opazo. Marcos Bolados was injured but also played at the end of the last tournament, but could not be in permanence because saw the red card in the last game against O’Higgins.

While fields left to Athletic Tucuman, Carmona a Coquimbo Kingdom and Watch he went to Palestinian. Another key to permanence was Julio Barroso, who also left the Monumental to land at Everton.While Jara and Parraguez, have seen minutes in this 2021.

For this new campaign, Blanco y Negro closed the incorporations of Leonardo Gil, Emiliano Amor, Miiko Albornoz and recently Christian Santos. Others who reinforced the squad were Martín Rodríguez, Juan Carlos Gaete and Felipe Fritz, but they are no longer part of this group.

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