Colo Colo is intractable: Gabriel Costa marks the third of the whites against Deportes Temuco

The cast of Gustavo Quinteros is playing very well against the Pije team and has already scored 3 goals in the first half.

© Agency OneGabriel Costa marks the third for Colo Colo

Colo Colo understood that the game against Deportes Temuco had to be played at a high level and it was. In a difficult field of Germán Becker, the Cacique entered with everything to hurt the Temucan cast.

And it was after 5 minutes when Juan Martín Lucero scored the first for the whites after a great corner kick by Leonardo Gil and a header by Esteban Pavez. It was Lucero himself who increased the figures at 20 minutes, after a rebound after Gabriel Costa’s shot.

And it was the Peruvian himself who would mark the third for the albos. After a great counterattack, Gabriel Costa received the ball at the entrance of the area, raised his head and found Gabriel Suazo uncovered in the left sector. There, the Captain wanted to hook and was lowered by a defender. Julio Bascuñán whistled for a penalty and it was Basilio who stood in front of the ball, converting his shot in a great way.

With this goal, the Uruguayan Peruvian reaches 26 goals in 104 games played with the Colo Colo shirt. In this way, the Cacique is a foot and a half inside the round of 16 of Copa Chile.

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