Colo Colo is still the best defense of the tournament

To the Superclásico 190 of Chilean football between Colo Colo and University of Chile the two teams with the best defenses have arrived so far in National Championship and after the solid victory, the Cacique made a difference and is still the best team in the tournament and the least defeated behind.

To the El Teniente de Rancagua stadium Those led by Gustavo Quinteros arrived with the goal less beaten so far in the tournament, and ratified it against the classic rival, since the goalkeeper Brayan Cortés was solid and only received one goal, with which he barely conceded 18 goals to his bow after 22 dates.

This shows the defensive strength that Colo Colo has been presenting. Throughout the National Championship where it has established itself as one of the most difficult teams to violate by rivals.

In front were the blues, who were the second best defense in the tournament and had conceded 18 goals, one more than the Cacique during the Championship.

However, in Rancagua they lived a real nightmare, since in 10 minutes, they already had two goals against. At the end of the match, they received another and now they have 21 scores against so far in the tournament.

Colo Colo broke down all the defensive shortcomings of the laity, who were violated during the 90 minutes.

For their part, the albos want to show their consolidated defense and also, to show why they are the undisputed leaders of the tournament thanks to their offensive power, since they have scored 31 goals in 21 games played.

El Cacique and a new brand that continues to spread against the blues.

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