Colo Colo is the exclusive leader of the tournament after beating O’Higgins

In a real game that was played in Rancagua, Colo Colo beat 3-2 a O’Higgins at the El Teniente stadium and is the exclusive leader of the national tournament after 20 disputed dates.

The first half faith was very intense with both teams proposing a good game and looking to reach the rival goal in danger. The locals were able to open the scoreboard after a bad start by Leonardo Gil that was taken advantage of by Carlos Muñoz, but his shot hit the crossbar.

The albos responded with a shot from Marcos Bolados that was barely deflected before the bilge of goalkeeper Nelson Espinoza. At 34 minutes came the controversy of the meeting. After a good play by the right sector between Óscar Opazo and Pablo Solari, Bolados appeared in the small area and O’Higgins’s goalkeeper lowered him. The play was reviewed by the VAR, but referee Cristián Droguett charged a foul in attack from the white striker.

When the first half was over, the account was opened. After a foul by Gabriel Suazo, Matías Sepúlveda with an impeccable free kick left Brayan Cortés stopped and scored the first goal of the game.

A goal that could have been a bucket of cold water, but that for the albos was a mental clean and jerk for the second half, since it quickly turned the scoreboard.

At 49 ‘Pablo Solari’s draw came and at 54 minutes, Javier Parraguez with a head butt unleashed joy for the colocolinos. With the advantage, the coach Gustavo Quinteros made a modification and advanced to Colo Gil on the field, something that the local took advantage of to regain control of the ball.

Parraguez celebrates his goal in Rancagua. (Photo: Guillermo Salazar)

That was how at 72 minutes after a pivoting by Muñoz, Pedro Pablo Hernández matched the actions, which forced the Chief to go on the offensive again.

The Cacique returned to have control of the game and at 79 ‘, Colo Gil dispatched a goal from a free kick to decree the final 3-2 and give the victory to the dawn that is now exclusive leader of the National Championship with 37 points.

A victory that is good for us to recover the winning stride in the tournament and now think about the next challenge that will be on Tuesday, September 14, against Everton at the Monumental stadium.

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