Colo Colo launches official statement and announces that he will appeal CONMEBOL’s sanction

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CONMEBOL announced severe sanctions against Colo Colo for the events that occurred in the match against River Plate for the Copa Libertadores. Black and White is already working on appealing to the resolution.

Colo Colo will appeal the CONMEBOL sanction
© SEBASTIAN ORIA/AGENCIAUNOColo Colo will appeal the CONMEBOL sanction

Colo Colo does not have a good time off the field. It is that the constant incidents on the outskirts and inside the Monumental ended up taking their toll. For the same reason, and after what was experienced in the match against River Plate, CONMEBOL announced severe sanctions against the Cacique.

A game without an audience and a monetary fine of 77 million pesos, approximately, is the punishment announced by the governing body of continental soccer to Colo Colo, an issue that was not liked in the Macul offices.

It is for the above that, from Blanco y Negro they have already announced that they are going to appeal CONMEBOL’s decision, so the lawyers are already collecting background information to present said appeal.

“Because of the relevance of this meeting, we deeply regret this decision, for which our lawyers are already studying the background exposed in the report prepared by CONMEBOL, to appeal to said punishment“, they point out in the statement.

It should be remembered that Colo Colo has a period of 7 calendar days to appeal the sanction, so the whites are against time to reverse this decision, which in principle, has immediate effect, so the match against Fortaleza would be without public in the stands.

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