Colo Colo must close reinforcements before Friday

In Colo Colo there are only some echoes of winning the Chile Cup and they are already concentrating on their new goal. Obtaining the National Championship, where they march in the first location and this Wednesday they will have an important match against O’Higgins in Rancagua.

While the coaching staff and the squad work on the strategy to beat the celestial ones. The leadership of Blanco y Negro is working on the search for the two reinforcements requested by Gustavo Quinteros to face the final stretch of the competition. Fight against time, as the pass book will close next Friday.

Gustavo Quinteros’ request is to incorporate a center forward and a footballer to replace Martín Rodríguez. There are not a few names that have circled the Monumental offices, however, so far it has not been possible to seal a new addition.

The idea of ​​the strategist of the Cacique is to finish assembling the squad and specify his desire to have two level players in each of the positions on the field of play. At the moment, the position of 9 is the one with the fewest variations. Iván Morales, Luciano Arriagada and Javier Parraguez are Quinteros’ alternatives in the current squad. Before O’Higgins he will not be able to count on Morales, who is in the Chilean team, while Gabriel Costa does it in the Peruvian.

The book of passes for the First Division closes this Friday, September 10 at 6:00 p.m., so that is the maximum period that Colo Colo and the rest of the Chilean soccer teams will have to secure a signing.

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