Colo Colo never lost to Soto on the court this season

Colo Colo He comes from adding three important points in a difficult game during his visit to Rancagua, where he beat O’Higgins three to two. A victory for which the Albo team managed to add the units that allowed them to distance themselves at the top of the Chilean soccer tournament.

One of the amulets that the Cacique has had in this sporting rebirth that the team has shown by the hand of Gustavo Quinteros placeholder imageUndoubtedly, it is the presence of many young people in the first team who have shown a good level with the alba jersey.

However, there is a special case that is in the midfield dazzling with his talent, where, every time he added minutes on the court during this 2021 season, the Cacique never lost a game.

It is the case that involves Bryan Soto in the center of the field, where the statistics are totally in his favor. All that time the midfielder added minutes, Colo Colo did not lose a game, achieving a total record of nine wins.

Soto played the entire game in the triumph over Cobresal in El Salvador, like with Everton in Viña del Mar and before Union Espanola in Santa Laura. On the contrary, the midfielder played eight minutes in the victory over Huachipato in Talcahuano and in view of La Serena in the Monumental.

But it did not only happen in the matches for the National Championship, because this statistic was also complemented by the matches in the Chile Cup where Soto was only for a while. in the victory against the garnets in the fourth region. Played ten minutes in the victory over Palestino in La Cisterna.


Undoubtedly, it is an important statistic that the midfielder Bryan Soto has with Colo Colo, which was additionally generated in this last commitment in yesterday’s game against O’Higgins, adding a total of 26 minutes on the court.


Colo Colo prepares for a new commitment in the National Championship, when on Tuesday of the following week they have to receive a visit from Everton at the Monumental Stadium and where we hope that Soto can be present to add another triumph in the contest.

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