Colo Colo players come to see Morales with Chile at the Monumental

Ivan Morales is fulfilling one of his dreams in his career as a footballer during this process with the Chilean Selection. The forward of Colo Colo started this game against Brazil as a starter accompanying Eduardo Vargas in the attack.

The white striker not only received the affection of the Cacique’s fans, but also of his teammates at the Colo Colo sports complex. This, due to the fact that three players from the Colocolino first team arrived at the Monumental to witness the commitment.

Pablo Solari, Jeyson rojas and Daniel Gutierrez They were present tonight at the Monumental Stadium to see the development of the Chilean National Team match, but above all else, the performance of Iván Morales in attack.

A nice opportunity for the ‘Little Tank’ who will be loaded with a lot of experience with this type of matches and, above all things, to make a name for himself in the attack of the Chilean National Team for the next calls.

Colo Colo players arrived at the Monumental to accompany Iván Morales. (Photo: @JecarAndres)

No, you must bet on Arriagada

Yes, but an experienced one

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