Colo Colo prepares to face the Union with a friendly match against Magallanes

Colo Colo continues with his eyes on his duel against Unión Española at the Santa Laura stadium on Date 16 of the 2021 National Championship. El Cacique will play this Saturday at 4:30 p.m.

A vital game to continue this string of good results: 11 undefeated matches and three consecutive wins. That is why Gustavo Quinteros is already preparing this meeting in the best way.

Today, early in the day, the first team played a friendly against Magallanes at the Monumental stadium with the mission to continue with the football friction prior to the match against Unión Española.

The score was 2-1 with goals from Leonardo Valencia and Carlo Villanueva, where the trend was to see several players who have not added many minutes in these last games of the National Championship.

Colo Colo vs Magallanes, friendly

On the other hand, Leonardo Valencia shared his goal on Instagram stories. It was through a free kick from approximately 26 meters away. A full shot that nailed the angle.

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