In Colo Colo there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. In addition to obtaining the Chile Cup and the leadership in the National Championship standings, the loyalty of its fans is added, confirming the commitment to the institution. The Social and Sports Club confirmed that it exceeded the mark of 50 thousand members per day. Although the register has been growing considerably in recent years, the poor results in the 2020 season turned the fans to show their support and loyalty.

“¡We are 50 thousand! We are a club! And we go for more”, joyfully published the CSD on their social networks, a situation that validates the current management of the corporation, which in recent months added an important value to the administration since the concessionaire that governs the sports destinations of the popular cast is chaired by Edmundo Valladares , representative of the partners.

Valladares has presided over the club since 2018 and in April of this year he assumed the presidency of Blanco y Negro, ending a long struggle between the existing sides within the corporation.

The good sporting results, without a doubt, have been a boost for the fans. Added to this was the return of the public to the stadiums, a situation that led to the sale of preferential tickets for members per day.

Now the challenge of the current administration is to be able to retain this large number of affiliates who have positioned Colo Colo, once again, as the institution with the most partners throughout the country.

CSD Colo Colo celebrated 50 thousand members.

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