Colo Colo recognizes its fans: "With you we are Chile"

Colo Colo is facing Unión Española for the first leg of the Copa Chile semifinals, on a day where the big news is the expected return of the public to the Monumental stadium after 525 days of absence for health reasons.

It is undoubtedly a special day, since it will mark the first time for several players of the team to play with spectators in the stands, as well as for Gustavo Quinteros, who since his arrival has not had the possibility of directing with the public.

The occasion was used by the squad to return the gesture and they wanted to recognize their fans with a beautiful canvas when they took to the field: “Without you we are eleven, with you we are Chile”.

Meanwhile, spectators also gave their own recognition to the players when the stadium microphones announced the starting team. There, Maximiliano Falcón and Vicente Pizarro were the most applauded.

Check out the canvas and images from the audience:

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