Colo Colo refines details for renovation of Quinteros

One of the main points to consider in the future and that in Colo Colo are aware of it is the situation of Gustavo Quinteros placeholder image. The coach has a contract with the institution until December of this year, despite the fact that the wishes of both parties have already been expressed to continue with the employment relationship.

This was also how the Cacique’s sports manager announced it, Daniel Moron, who during the press conference in which the arrival of the new Albo reinforcement was confirmed, was consulted about this possibility and did not hide the problem.

“Of course our intention is to extend the link with our DT. He has done important things within the club, he came at a difficult time for the institution and the work he has done with his coaching staff that has us in a privileged position, the only thing you want is to retain him and that is what we are looking for ”.

But there is not everything left, as a result of the fact that he was also emphatic in mentioning that he has already had a few words about this situation. “I have had personal conversations with him and that surely we will extend it so that this marriage is long term”.

A situation for which it is expected that there will be a renewal of the bond with coach Gustavo Quinteros, also considering the coach himself has expressed his desire to continue at the club and direct Colo Colo in the Copa Libertadores, by which they are already classified.

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