Colo Colo requests to change the date of the final of the Chile Cup

Colo Colo gained a wide advantage against Unión Española in the first leg semifinals of the Chile Cup. The score of 4-0 makes the leadership have some assurance of a possible final.

Something out of the ordinary has to happen so that the Cacique does not advance to the last game, where he can face Everton or Coquimbo Unido, who will battle on September 1.

As we said, the 4-0 makes the leadership of Blanco y Negro sure of a qualification to the last game, that is why they asked the ANFP to run on the date of the final.

In the concessionaire they appeal to Colo Colo losing two of its main figures for the future game, which also damages the sense of the show, sponsor, television, among other things.

Colo Colo vs Spanish Union for Chile Cup

The ANFP has not yet ruled on it and Blanco y Negro hopes it will be soon, since a possible Copa Chile final is just around the corner: September 4.

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