Colo Colo returns to filming this weekend and will face Barnechea in a friendly match

Colo Colo will have sports action this weekend with a friendly match where they will face Barnechea thinking about the return of the National Championship.

© colo coloColo Colo returns to filming and will face Barnechea in a friendly.

colo colo is preparing for his return after a mini-vacation that was taken for the national holiday celebrations. The white cast was notified that it will return to training tomorrow, Wednesday, at the Monumental Stadiumfor which they will begin to prepare the match against Catholic University for him National Championship.

But that won’t be all due to the fact that this weekend there will be no action as a result of the matches of the first leg quarterfinals of the Chile Cup, where the Cacique will not see action as a result of his elimination in the contest. However, in any case, if he will have sports competition.

This, because, as we announced this Tuesday morning, the cast commanded by Gustavo Quinteros scheduled a friendly match for this weekend despite the fact that until then the details of the rival on duty were not known, to maintain competitive activity.

Finally, it was announced that the rival that the Cacique will have in this friendly duel will be the Barnechea squadwith a schedule to be defined since this commitment will take place on Sunday.

An instance that will undoubtedly be to refine details of the team that the strategist could be preparing or see in those who have not had the expected continuity, to add minutes to maintain the desire to compete for a position in the starting eleven.

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