Colo Colo returns to Talca in search of the title after saving the relegation

Colo Colo achieved a victory yesterday that allowed him to settle in the grand final of the Chile Cup. Key by which It will have to be measured against Everton de Viña del Mar, like that instance in 2016 where the albos beat gold and heaven four to zero at Nacional, getting a new championship title in Chilean soccer.

This confrontation will be played this weekend in a sports venue that has many memories for the Cacique’s fans. The meeting will be played in a neutral stadium, so the two teams will have to go to the Talca Prosecutor.

Mildly positive memories for the albos who, a couple of months ago, seven to be exact, they played the match for the promotion and that their permanence in the first division led them to fight in the last game.

As a result of this situation, it is expected that those led by Gustavo Quinteros obtain, this weekend, a positive result, given that on that occasion the popular cadre was imposed by the minimum count on the University of Concepción (cadre that ended up declining), thanks to the historic conquest of Pablo Solari.

And it is undoubtedly that it was a special day for the Argentine striker and the Cacique fans, as a result of the ‘Pibe’ scoring his first professional goal in that game and go in what way, leaving his name in the history of the largest institution in our country.

An undoubtedly exceptional afternoon and one that we hope to repeat again, this time, celebrating a new title for Colo Colo, since next Saturday from 4:30 p.m., will be measured against Viñamarinos in the final of the Chile Cup and will have the presence of the fans with the sale of tickets that started during this day.

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