Colo Colo vs. Catholic University | How has Cacique fared against UC playing at the Monumental Stadium?

Historically, UC has been one of the most difficult rivals for Colo Colo playing in the Monumental, but the latest record is happy for the white town.

Colo Colo defeated the Catholic University in the Monumental in 2021
© Agency OneColo Colo defeated the Catholic University in the Monumental in 2021

Colo Colo begins this Wednesday with his preparation for the duel he will hold against Universidad Católica next October 2 at the Monumental Stadium. The campus has taken advantage of its rest product of the national holidays and now he is fully psyched up in a match that can be definitive thinking about the title.

The Cacique could lift the cup that day if he beats UC and both Curicó Unido and Ñublense do not win their respective commitments. If that happened, he would take thirteen or more units away and become unreachable for his main pursuers on the table.

Of course, as games against Católica usually are, it will not be an easy duel. The crusaders are on the rise thanks to Ariel Holan and have managed to get into the dispute for positions in international competitions. In addition, they are still alive in Copa Chile, where they must face Universidad de Chile in the quarterfinals.

It is also one of the rivals that usually make it difficult for Colo Colo playing in La Ruca. The history indicates that it has cost Popular against the UC, but at least the last record is positivesince in the final stretch of 2021 the Cacique agonizingly beat UC 2-1, in a vibrant match at the Monumental.

Of course, that victory did not help much since the Cacique also lost the title to the Crusaders. A drop in performance and the Covid-19 outbreak that hit the campus ended up taking away from us a coronation that seemed fixed after beating in that match the team from the foothills.

What is the historical record of Colo Colo playing in the Monumental against Universidad Católica?

Colo Colo and Universidad Católica have played 50 games in total at the Monumental Stadium. A figure that includes the National Championship, Copa Chile and Copa Libertadores.

Total, Colo Colo has managed to impose itself on 21 occasions, while Católica has done so on 15, also adding 14 draws. However, if only the National Championship is considered, things are even more even, with 15 Albas victories versus the 13 of the UCwith 12 draws.

Check the details of the last Colo Colo vs Universidad Católica played at the Monumental:

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