Colo Colo vs U. Catolica | When do the tickets for the Monumental go on sale?

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The albos have the option of being crowned champion against the Crusaders when they meet on October 2 at the Monumental.

Colo Colo has his first real chance to be crowned champion
© GettyColo Colo has his first real chance to be crowned champion

colo colo is in the middle of a break as a result of the national holidays and the FIFA Date. However, the squad is already gearing up for the duel it will hold against Universidad Católica for the date 26 of the National Championship.

A duel that could be definitive in the fight for the title, since to win the whites and that Ñublense and Curicó do not prevail in their respective matchesthe Cacique could be crowned Chilean soccer champion after five years of anxious waiting.

A possible title that could have the special seasoning of being against the team that took away the possibility of becoming champion in 2021 and the four-time champion of Chilean soccer. For the same reason, Colo Colo will come out with everything to win the tournament against UC, because of the special seasoning it would have.

Of course, we still have to wait for that match to take place. Only on October 2 will the commitment be played at the Monumental Stadium, when Chilean football resumes. In any case, in case of not being champion against Católica, a possible definition could be given against Curicó Unido.

When does the ticket sale start for the match against Universidad Católica?

From Colo Colo they have not yet informed about when the sale of tickets will be for the match against Universidad Católica. However, they usually leave four or five days before the commitment

What will be the capacity for the Colo Colo match against Católica?

The match will have full capacity as a result of the phase change with respect to Covid 19. There could be more than 40,000 people in La Ruca if the security authorities allow it that way.

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