Colo Colo vs. U. of Concepcion | See LIVE on TV, ONLINE and STREAMING for the second phase of the Women’s National Championship

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In the midst of a convulsive atmosphere, the albas visit the Campanil with the mission of continuing to be among the leaders of the Women’s Championship.

Colo Colo Feminine wants to recover from the blow suffered against Morning
© William SalazarColo Colo Feminine wants to recover from the blow suffered against Morning

In the midst of a difficult few weeks, with the non-classification to the Women’s Copa Libertadoresthe resignation of Ysaura Viso and the crossed declarations between the leadership and the players, Colo Colo Fem jumps on the field again for the third date of the second round of the National Championship.

Those directed by Luis Mena come from suffering the great sporting setback of the year after losing at the last minute the chance to qualify for the continental competition. They fell 2-1 to Santiago Morning having one more player. A painful defeat that led to all subsequent controversies.

However, now they must return to focus on sports. With the confirmation that Ysaura Viso will stay and with the controversy finally in the pastthe Cacique seeks to continue performing well in the tournament.

The Universidad de Concepción is a team that will seek to get into the semifinals and they are currently in fifth position, product of a victory and a defeat. On the first date they beat Palestino 2-0 and then fell to Santiago Morning.

It is worth remembering that this second phase of the tournament consists of eight teams fighting in seven games for the four places that qualify for the semifinals. The pairing of these semifinals will correspond depending on the positions in this second phasewhere Colo Colo is in second position.

Day and time: When do Colo Colo vs Universidad de Concepción play for the Women’s National Championship?

Colo Colo vs Universidad de Concepción play this Saturday, September 24 at 5:00 p.m., at the Ester Roa Rebolledo stadium in Concepción.

TV and ONLINE: Where to watch the match between Colo Colo vs. Universidad de Concepción for the Women’s Championship on streaming or television?

Colo Colo vs Universidad de Concepción will be broadcast by ticket plus. The service It can be purchased online with a value of $2000.

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