Colo Colo will not be able to request the points against La Calera due to Rivero’s injury

Colo Colo started the second round of this 2021 National Championship with a tough 1-1 draw against Unión La Calera at Nicolás Chahuán, a match that was played last Wednesday, August 25 and that left a tasty controversy that could only be settled in these hours.

This was given by the Sebastián Sáez’s registration for the second part of the tournament, since Sacha in the first half of the season only played the Copa Libertadores as they were full the quota of foreigners in the calerano team.

At that time the forward was expected to take the place of Matías Laba, who had everything ready to leave for San Luis de Quillota, but to the surprise of many ended up being a starter against the albos, since He occupied the foreigner quota of the injured Gonzalo Castellani.

However, the situation was not so simple, since only an injury with more than 180 days of recovery allows a player to be removed from the roster and the Argentine thing was just a tear.

This led to an important controversy, with the leadership of Colo Colo even studying the possibility of asking the ANFP for points, since basically the cement manufacturers had six foreigners at the time of playing the game.

The legal loophole is notable, since allows Chilean clubs to have more foreigners than allowed during the period in which the pass book is open, between the date 1 and 4 in the first round, and the 18 to 21 in the second.

The curious thing about this is that it was precisely an ex-dawn who gave a solution to the Caleranos, since Octavio Rivero suffered a serious injury of ligament cut that will leave him out of the rest of the competition, being disenrolled by the cement leadership from your player list.

El Cacique had a hard-fought 1-1 draw at Nicolás Chahuán. | Photo: Guillermo Salazar.

With this the controversy is closed over the points in dispute for the number of foreigners that La Calera had at the time of playing against Colo Colo and his other second round games. Nevertheless, there is a legal vacuum that must be studied by the ANFP, because there is a small window where you can “play” with outsiders in the assembly of teams that can make a lot of difference.

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