Colo Colo will play for Unión Española three times in August

Colo Colo has worked all week thinking about what will be his next match against Unión Española on the 16th date of the 2021 National Championship, a meeting that will take place at the Santa Laura stadium and that will have the return of the public as a special seasoning.

But it will not be the only cross between the two, since the Hispanics also got into the semifinals of the Chile Cup, so they will quickly see each other again. This is because the first leg is scheduled for August 18 at the Monumental stadium.

Subsequently, the Cacique will have to focus on what will be his commitment to Deportes Antofagasta in what will be the closing of the first round and that is set for Saturday, August 21 in Pedrero.

Los albos will close their series of matches against Unión Española in the rematch of the Copa Chile semifinals on August 25 at the Santa Laura. Namely, will play against Hispanics three times during the same month.

Unión Española appears on the horizon of the Cacique / PHOTO: Agencia Uno

It will be necessary to see how the Gustavo Quinteros team will stop before the string of games that he will have to face in just two weeks. Anyway, there is peace of mind, as the physical response of the squad has been remarkable this season.

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