Colo Colo will play the Chilean Super Cup in 2022

Colo Colo you will have a lot of sports competition thinking about planning for next year. An instance whereby the albos They have already put their signature on the next edition of the Copa Libertadores after winning the Chile Cup a Everton.

The cast of Cacique not only will you have your participation in the international tournament organized by Conmebol, but will also go in the defense of the title in the Chile Cup and why not say it, go in search of a three-time championship in the contest.

In addition, he will have his presence once again in what will be the National Championship, having to face three competitions. But he added a fourth that is played in a single game and that also delivers a trophy for whoever wins that commitment.

It’s about the Chilean Super Cup, where the white box also played during this year but failed to get a positive result, falling by four to two before the Catholic University, losing the possibility of staying with this tournament.

During the next year, the white box will have its revenge in the contest, since, by winning the Copa Chile championship, it stamped its tickets for this tournament and will have to wait for its rival for this unique match that should be played in the first months of 2022. .

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