Colo Colo’s formula to compete internationally again

In this great 2021 of Colo Colo, those trained at home have had several opportunities and have fully responded to the trust that Gustavo Quinteros has given them, being key pieces in obtaining the Chile Cup and also in the National Championship.

Players like Jeyson rojas, Vicente Pizarro, Joan Cruz, Bryan Soto, Daniel Gutierrez O Luciano Arriagada They have known how to take advantage of their opportunities and have been a great contribution in the Albo strategist’s eleven.

In such a way, that the Cacique It is one of the teams that has fulfilled the most minutes of Under 21 players required by the National Association of Professional Soccer. Currently, the Popular adds 1.897 of the 2.016 imposed by the governing body of Chilean football.

Last Friday, the president of Colo Colo, Edmundo Valladares, spoke with the panel of Todos Somos Técnicos, where spoke about the project they have for the minor divisions and pointed out that They must once again be a training club to compete internationally again.

In the first instance, the club’s helmsman argued that “To be able to compete in a good way at the international level, Colo Colo must once again be a training club. We are not going to be able to compete by putting our hand in our pockets with Brazil or Argentina, so Colo Colo must go back to being a trainer, he must take up that essence and we are pushing institutional development there “.

Subsequently, he stated that “In our opinion, the path is to promote formative football much more and that obviously all the incorporations that we do are to fulfill, to be able to fill certain roles, but that we do not have to depend on bringing a large number of players”.

Finishing, he pointed out that “The underlying theme has to do with the sense of belonging, we want that to have more importance within Colo Colo, that it be a comprehensive training. We believe that this is a basis beyond the fact that the best players will usually arrive at Colo Colo ”.

“But we believe that more resources must be injected, this is not just a cliché phrase, but we believe that effectively the resources that are delivered must increase because we must aim for a much larger training that involves many things”he added.

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