Colo Gil goes wrong from the bottom that could cost dearly

Colo Colo and O’Higgins encouraged an entertaining first half with arrivals of both casts in these first minutes of the game. An instance by which, the clearest of the party, came from the local team.

A bad way out of Leonardo Gil it could be expensive at the beginning of the engagement. The midfielder almost left playing from the Cacique’s last line, tried to leave his marker on the road, who ended up puncturing the ball to get it off his feet.

This was worrying since Brayan Cortes he had been halfway discovering its portico. Carlos Muñoz lifted the ball to the Cacique goalkeeper, but it hit the crossbar and hit, later, on the line saving the popular team from this down on the scoreboard.

Instance that can be solved with a clearance and avoid leaving in a hurry from the last defensive line of the team, considering the high pressure that the Rancaguino team was putting in these first minutes of the game.

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