Colombia: elections closed amid strong security operations

The presidential elections in the country closed this afternoon in a calm climate, although a wide security operation is still in progress.

The day began to choose the next president of the nation among the candidates Gustavo Petro (Historical Covenant) and Rodolfo Hernandez (League of Anti-Corruption Governors).

The head of the National Registry, Alexander Vegaassured that the result will be known before 7:00 p.m. (9:00 p.m. in Argentina).

“We hope that before 7 at night we can have the preliminary results”reported.

The government of Ivan Duke It foresaw an operation of 320,000 men from our Public Force to prevent a possible hypothesis of conflict, which at least until the polls closed were not registered.

For its part, the Electoral Surveillance Organization reported the death of an electoral witness of the Historical Pact that occurred this morning in the municipality of Guapi and of a soldier near the Campo Hermoso polling station, San Vicente del Caguán.

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