Colombian company Tecnoglass rang the bell on the New York Stock Exchange

Colombian company Tecnoglass rang the bell on the New York Stock Exchange

Within the framework of the 230 years of the New York Stock Exchange, Technoglass rang the iconic opening bell of the market of wall street in New York, this June 6.

With this, the glass, windows and aluminum company becomes the first Colombian company with shares listed directly on the New York Stock Exchange, This means that it will give more confidence to investors and the markets in the construction sector, mainly in the United States, at a time when the greatest demand for real estate in the world is in this country.

“Be in wall street It opens up the markets a lot for us because customers feel calm when they buy because they feel that the company is being watched, that the company complies, that it has higher accounting standards,” he said. Christian Daes CEO of Tecnoglass.

He added that “today we are 8,000 people and we aspire to 10,000 or 11,000 in the next two or three years. We are going to continue creating jobs.”

José Manuel Daes, executive director of Tecnoglass assured “that today a Colombian company from Barranquilla does it for the first time, It is a milestone and it is of great importance, not only for us but for the country, so that many more are encouraged to establish in their companies the rules and the parameters to be able to be here”.

He also stated that “now that it has closed China for AmericaIt turns out that Vietnam increased its trade surplus by $100 billion dollars, Colombia has not been able to capitalize on that. We should think much more about making Colombia an industrial hub that exports to the United States“.

The ringing of the official bell was in charge of Diana Lorher quality director, who stated that “what differentiates us from other glass companies is quality. We have been with anti-hurricane laminated glass, we have the best optical quality and that is what has distinguished us“.

The company that already listed on NASDAQ officially transferred the shares last May 9. The company hopes to expand its operation and reach new projects in Miami, New York and Los Angeles.

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According to Rodolfo Espinosa, the manager of Tecnoglass stated that “must understand the problem of international logisticswe are self-sufficient, what we do is ensure our supply chain, we will not have limits, because at this time getting anything on the world market is very difficult, because it is not being produced at the rate it used to be, because there is no international transport, there are no containers, and we we will have our raw material around the house“.

Tecnoglass represents 30 percent of the Gross Domestic Product of Barranquilla, is currently planning an expansion at its plant following increased demand from the United States. The Skyline of Brickell in Miami and several andiconic buildings in new york citylike the new building of the United Nations, they begin to put Tecnoglass as an important player in the construction industry of the American Union.

Recently Technoglass reported the financial results of the first quarter of the year, obtaining income for more than $134 million, that is, 20.6% more than what was registered last year during the same period. And the United States accounts for 90% of revenue.

Colombian company Tecnoglass rang the bell on the New York Stock Exchange / Caracol Radio

Colombian company Tecnoglass rang the bell on the New York Stock Exchange / Caracol Radio / Caracol Radio


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