Colombian journalist is held at the Cancun airport

The journalist Sebastián Forero Rueda, from El Espectador, from Colombia, is being held in the Cancun International Airportbecause elements of the National Migration Institute (INM) He was denied entry to Mexico after there was an alert issued by the United States, linked to his journalistic activity in his country in Colombia.

Faced with this situation and the publication of the event that is happening to him, the media and human rights organizations join in the support of Forero Rueda.

Colombian journalist is being held in poor conditions

Colombian journalist is held at the Cancun airport

Friends and relatives of the journalist ask the CDNH to help him

According to information from the testimonies of family and friends, they point out that the journalist is incommunicado and in inhumane conditions inside the INM facilities at the airport.

They said that food and water is rationed, so their relatives ask for the intervention of the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH).

According to what was narrated, Sebastián, in the company of a group of friends, arrived last Wednesday, June 15, around 1:00 p.m. at the Cancun International Airport (AIC) when, while going through the Migration check, he was asked questions related to your American visa and the number of times you have been in national territory.

“The person who receives him asks him how many times he has entered Mexico, my brother, according to the passport and what he remembered (…) he tells him that he had another entry, my brother did not remember and the man once told him , if you want, we can confirm with the DEA, let’s see if he remembers”, communicated brother Alejandro Forero Rueda.

They said the last time they had contact with Sebastian was around 3 a.m. Thursday.

“He reported that he is in a room together with other detainees of various nationalities, who have been there for several days, with barely food, food and a decent place to stay while their immigration status is resolved,” he said.

The Colombian consulate in Cancún has not responded to the situation and, according to family members, the only way to respond to the situation is by electronic means, which provides a response within 15 days.

Relatives point out how stressful and complicated it is to be held and without being able to meet with an INM director, in addition to the fact that they have already requested the intervention of some groups that defend Human Rights.

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