Comas: Chapan cell phone robbery ‘El Tilín del Metropolitano’ and victim kicks him

Agents from the serenazgo de Comas captured a 17-year-old teenager used to stealing cell phones from passengers traveling on Metropolitan buses. The minor involved begged not to be taken to the police station; however, in the police station one of his victims kicked him.

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The incident occurred on Túpac Amaru Avenue, after the mayors captured all the movements made by the minor. According to Latina, this subject had been nicknamed the “Tilín del Metropolitano”.

The images recorded by the municipal authorities showed how this young thief took advantage of the traffic congestion, on the aforementioned avenue, to snatch any cell phone that was near the window of the Metropolitano buses.

However, after being watched and detected, the mayors staged a capture and intervened in the “Tilín del Metropolitano”, who ended up in a patrol and begged not to be taken to a local police station.

“Please, don’t take me, my mother hits me and I don’t want to give her problems, I ask you… I’ve been working and now I’m studying, but I’ve gone out on the street, boss”, claimed the thief.

When he was taken to the police station, one of his apparent victims kicked the young criminal. After receiving said punishment, the minor was repentant for his criminal actions.

Thief in Comas
Serenos filmed the adolescent’s criminal actions. (Video: Latin)


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