Commemorative Mass and rehearsal close

Commemoration Mass in the Old Church of Götzis
©Armin Loacker

Commemorative Mass and rehearsal close

The Harmonie Götzis choral society recently organized the memorial mass for those who had died in the last two years and also commemorated the deceased members Luis and Maria Fessler, Elfriede Längle, Helma Längle and Angelie Knauer.

The service was solemnized by Chaplain Rosh Joseph Kalluveettil. The choir sang sacred songs under the direction of Mag. Thomas Thurnher. With the closing song “Das Radl der Zeit” (The Wheel of Time), the clock was turned back and memories of old times were awakened. After the service in the Old Church, the end of the rehearsals and the beginning of the summer holidays were celebrated at the Bell Schlössle in Götznerberg, and cheerful songs and hits were sung in good company until late in the evening. Fahnengota Wiltrud and her mother Brunhilde (at the proud age of 101 years) were also there and let themselves be pampered.

We will start rehearsals again in September and look forward to enterprising singers.

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