Comment: Kongsberg attack: Norwegian trauma repeats itself

The attack in Kongsberg is disturbing, also because the perpetrator was known to the police. But in the rule of law, the end does not justify the means.

Whenever a attack happens, it is very likely that the perpetrator is known to the security authorities. The Dane, who went out with a bow and arrow in a small Norwegian town and attacked people indiscriminately, injuring some and killing five, was also tried several times, had threatened his own family, had converted to Islam and at the same time because of it Radicalization tendencies noticed. He was therefore “contacted” before the crime.

Sometimes a speech works. It shows potential criminals: We are watching you, you are under the wind, as the police say. Some can be intimidated, the man in Kongsberg not.

Violence near Oslo: Police will have to put up with unpleasant questions

It is hard to bear for the public that something has to happen first for something to happen. Lone perpetrator, convert Experience of violence. Shouldn’t one have put one and one together? The police will have to answer uncomfortable questions. When we ask why we should be careful not to blame, we curb the feeling of powerlessness: Where would we go if the police started locking people up on suspicion? In a constitutional state, the end – security – does not justify the means.

Attack in Kongsberg: Norway is reminded of a trauma

It could be that the perpetrator is for bow and arrow decided because he feared police pressure would prevent him from getting hold of firearms – with which he would have done more damage. You have to try to put yourself in the mind of someone who is on the verge of madness; no matter whether he is psychologically or politically disturbed. With this act, the murderer has a unique selling point, not like in 2011 Anders Behring Breivik because of the number of victims, but because of the murder weapon. Norway is reminded of a trauma it would like to forget. More on this: The 2011 assassination: Norway’s national trauma

the Counter-terrorism is a race of macabre fantasies. Before September 11, 2001, airplane hijackings were known, but could not be imagined that kidnappers would use the machines like bombs. The world has armed itself against the course of action, just as it did after that Stop on Breitscheidplatz Bollards have been set up so that no one can rush to the Christmas market with a truck. The gun laws were tightened, the investigation of terrorist network structures intensified.

But then someone comes along who against all expectation patterns has no “order” from IS, but rather has radicalized himself; no firearms used, but a machete (London) or an ax (Würzburg) or a bow and arrow. Every time you think: It can’t be true.

Violent criminals don’t deserve to make a name for themselves

It is disturbing that no one can be sure anywhere whether they are politically or religiously exposed or not, whether they live in a metropolis or in a Norwegian provincial café, take risks or unsuspectingly wait for the train and be pushed onto the track (Frankfurt). There is no security. This one Feeling of threat you shouldn’t let yourself go, because it doesn’t correspond to the Threat situation. In Western European countries, security is high and the risk of falling victim to an attack is low. People are fleeing from Afghanistan to Norway – not the other way around.

Are the target of terror Fear and attention. The dilemma of the media is that they inevitably serve such motives, on the other hand they do not want to or cannot suppress news, especially word-of-mouth communication with the social networks a billionfold amplifier Has. Compassion, help, attention to the victims would be appropriate responses. Victims have names. Offenders don’t deserve to make a name for themselves.

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