Comment: World Children’s Day reminds of children’s rights: There is a lot to do

Violence against children, child poverty, educational deficits: not everything is good in Germany either. World Children’s Day is still relevant.

The idea of ​​the United Nations to draw attention to the rights of the youngest generation with a global children’s day once a year is almost 70 years old. And it’s still relevant. Because even today it takes a special day in the year to bring the worries and needs of the children into the public arena. Certainly the situation of children in this country cannot be compared with that of children in war zones, on the run, in dictatorships or in countries of the so-called 3rd world. But that doesn’t mean everything is good.

After two years of the corona pandemic and homeschooling, it has become clear that children from socially disadvantaged and educationally disadvantaged families in particular have been left behind. The now rising energy prices and inflation will also affect the children, who up until now have undoubtedly had hobbies that cost money – or who, of course, went on school trips. It will be a harsh winter for many children who have so far lived in prosperity. But it will be even harder for the children, who already do not have a warm meal every day – in Germany. Even an increase in child benefit of 18 euros is not enough. The state must offer more participation-securing services in education and leisure time. And that quickly and unbureaucratically. These children have nothing of political phrases.

This also applies to the prevention and prosecution of acts of violence against children and young people. Increased headlines about cases of child abuse, child pornography and infanticide are stunning. Children and young people who have become victims of sexual violence must quickly receive low-threshold offers of help. But there are not enough specialist advice centers and therapy places. An expansion is urgently needed – but not in sight. These examples show that there is still a lot to be done in Germany when it comes to children’s rights.

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